Motorway & Advanced Driving Lessons

After passing your test you’re legally allowed to drive on the Motorway. Learner drivers in England, Wales and Scotland are now allowed to have lessons on the motorway. Previously only those who had passed their test could do so, but lessons are now allowed in a dual-control car with an approved driving instructor.

Motorways are like dual carriageways only safer.

They are safer because every motorway user is travelling in the same direction and at similar speeds (up to 70mph), traffic is also restricted to those who can make best use of it i.e. no pedestrians, cyclists, moped, no L drivers (except HGV), agricultural vehicles and animals.

Motorways are also safer because there are no sharp bends, no oncoming traffic and no right turns. The lanes are always wide, well marked, and are usually straight for long distances.

We can teach you to drive safely and confidently on the Motorway in all conditions whether you are a new driver, needing a refresher or just a confidence boost!

Advanced driving lessons are also available – please get in touch to discuss

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